One Brazilian in love with curiosities and technology

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Well my name is Eder Oelinton, I live in Brazil, I write for some time, graduated in journalism, I understand a bit of English. Below is the content of my page “about” after a long time I came to that conclusion.

Writing is something I do to spend my time, after mature the blog idea decided to monetize it, but I need to learn a little more about dissemination and public engagement, improve my keywords.

Here in Brazil, it is somewhat difficult to grow a blog because of language that limits a bit. And as I live here, for me it is easier to engage with the local language, know this can be a lock, but I probably migrate to something more comprehensive as time passed.

Suprimatec was initially a technology blog inspired my interest on the subject. With the evolution of ideas, I felt the need to seek new themes and audiences. Today I can say that Suprimatec is aimed at all people who love to read useful information and share them with your friends, in order to help in any way clarifying the main questions on the topics posted on this blog.

Here you will easily find one tip to improve your health, facts about human behavior in society, reviews the main technological items on the market, and curiosities. If you need any help in any subject, do not be afraid to ask I will gladly learn researching along with you.

And for those who have a blog and want to partner contact, we can share a lot of information together.

Many of the articles published here are translations made from reputed sites with information with much credibility. Any error you find here, feel the will to correct and criticize, after all, nobody is perfect.

Thank you, good luck to all, like a feedback on the organization and so blog layout if possible. God bless you all!


11 comentários sobre “One Brazilian in love with curiosities and technology

  1. Colette B disse:

    Hallo, sorry I don’t know Latin-type/Spanish/Brazilian language. However I see you have some other English writing here. I like the overall look of your site, but it’s easy to click on the adverts by mistake and it made me say cursos! If you earn money by any just clicks I’d click lots for you 🙂 but I suspect I have to spend money for your earning from clicks to work. Sorry I cannot buy things.
    I was a little puzzled by your choice of phrase when you wrote in your article ‘If you need clarification on any topic send your story pitch for me that I will gladly learn researching along with you. Do you simply mean ‘If you need technical help send your query and I will be happy to consider researching a solution together’ – you should probably say ‘for a small/reasonable fee’, if that’s for money rather than goodwill, just to be clear.
    I’ve never visited a Brazilian site before, I really do like how visually striking it is with the colours and layout. There’s a lot to see here but this is just a quick visit this time. I’m a very new blogging learner so not much help to an accomplished web-site creator like yourself. Very best of luck with your pursuits and best wishes, Colette 🙂


    • Eder Oelinton disse:

      I just saw your comment, I was in moderation folder, that announce that vc is clicked on the sale of online courses, but here in Brazil, is an affiliate program where u earn money if someone here from Brazil buy the course. But beyond that I participate Amazon’s affiliate program, the whole site is in English, since all links are directed to the Amazon, if someone buys a product on the site I earn a commission. But gives work to set up the widgets. There are some spelling mistakes, as I did not know much about English, use google translator but am struggling. Thanks for the correction. And I’ll never ask for money for my help, I help with pleasure to help. The only thing that can give me money one day are the banners of associated programs.

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